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Aquisha Harris

Transformational Specialist

International Speaker | Author | Executive Leadership Coach | Educator

Life & Business Strategist

Aquisha Harris is an energetic, thought provoking keynoter with a comedic, yet powerful style. She leaves audiences with easy-to-implement action items and tools to enhance performance and productivity.

A powerhouse in personal and professional development.

Aquisha, doctoral candidate, is a Transformational Specialist, International Speaker, Author, Executive Leadership Coach, Educator, and Life & Business Strategist. She is a woman who strives to excel and encourages others to do the same. Aquisha has always been a high achiever and takes joy embarking on seemingly insurmountable tasks. Aquisha outshined in many academic and athletic experiences. Her exceptional athleticism earned her a four-year basketball scholarship to Rutgers University. She later earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and is presently a Doctoral candidate in Business Administration. So it’s no surprise that she loves a challenge!

After overcoming physical, emotional, and mental setbacks, Aquisha developed techniques that helped her persevere. With a strong spiritual relationship, she used biblical strategies paired with academic resources and personal development techniques to create her action plan for success.

Aquisha connects thought-provoking content, humor, and industry specific knowledge, seamlessly. Her high energy, charisma, and sense of humor are empowering. After one conversation with Aquisha, she will have you feeling like a longtime friend.

Speaking Topics

Be Selfish-ish:

3 Ways to become a better leader.

Too often leaders feel like part of a machine, and out of touch with their humanity.

Leaders deserve to be restored, empowered, and reinvigorated to perform their jobs at optimal levels.

People Over Processes:

3 Ways to avoid

Quiet-Quitting and

increase performance.

According to GALLUP's global analytics, 50% of "Quiet Quitters" make up the U.S. workforce. Are corporations still using antiquated approaches, while trying to remedy a current issue? We offer 3 ways to help your employees shift from disengaged and low performing to increased performance.

Mixed Groups, Max Work:

3 Ways to create cohesive teams to maximize performance.

Unlock the secrets to building cohesive teams and maximizing performance in this transformative workshop. Discover the power of effective communication, fostering a positive team culture, and leveraging diversity to create an inclusive and dynamic environment. Perfect for leaders and managers, this interactive session offers practical strategies and insights to cultivate a high-performing team capable of surpassing goals and driving organizational success.

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Aquisha Harris

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Aquisha is a committed lifetime learner, she gives her clients the easy version of what she has committed years to studying.

Her masterclass changed my life!! I needed to let go of more things than I realized and she provided me a safe place to do it. It was a transformational experience for me, seriously!

Don’t walk…run to book Aquisha Harris! You will not regret it.

-Candace Robinson, Entrepreneur/

Former HR Director

I have attended several functions where Dr. Harris has either been the keynote, panelist, or presenter. I've noticed that no matter the topic, Dr. Harris has been consistent in communicating new ideas and inspiring testimony which resonates with me and the entire audience.

-Nancy Golden

Educator/ Former School Administrator

Aquisha is an inspirational woman with an amazing, dynamic personality. She is passionate, enthusiastic, and engaging speaker who touches both the heart and intellect of her audience. She is also extremely dedicated to her profession and takes the time and effort needed to present quality material that people will remember. She was the recent Keynote Speaker at NJAHPERD Convention in Feb. 2023, and she brought positive energy to the event. Her laughter was contagious and her charismatic personality captured the attention of every professional in attendance.

Educators, supervisors, principals, and many others were able to walk away inspired and were equipped with valuable techniques that they could use immediately to gain more success.

- Dawn "Frankie" Francavilla